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Want a successful business? Donate to Charities

Non profit organisations and charities such as #nolimitshelp work hard to invest in ways to help the community and provide invaluable services to people often in need. By investing in your community, you or your company could give back to the community who potentially keep your business afloat.

By helping a local charity raise funds by volunteering your time, or donating, the list of benefits to you on a personal level and your company is endless.

There can be many ways of measuring success, so “it’s really important to have some clear goals in mind, and make sure those are shared and delivered for both partners”, as well as a clear exit strategy that leaves the charity in a better place.

“Charities sometimes say they find it challenging working with business, so having a good cultural fit between the two organisations is also vital.”

There are tangible advantages to giving back to the community too. For one thing if you give enough, you’ll be able to reduce the tax you pay based on charitable deduction on your income tax.  Information can be found on HM Revenue & Customs website. Why not increase your business profile too? By being affiliated with a charity that helps the local community, more potential customers may become aware of your business. Also it makes your company look good by adopting ‘Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)’.

Although this is usually a term associated with big companies and brands, it’s still important to socially aware and accountable within a local community. Within our current society and austere economical climate, people are becoming disillusioned with corporate fat cats and companies who make huge profits but give nothing back to the communities who helped them thrive. By helping charities, you help yourselves as a business and the community – that’s a win-win situation, surely?

“When companies implement ‘strategic CSR’ they can find there are many benefits, including strengthened corporate and brand reputations and enhanced trust with key stakeholders (customers, employees, regulatory agencies, suppliers, and investors), improved risk management, increased revenues from innovation to identify new business opportunities, and reduced costs from efficiency improvements. “Chris Howells, Forbes

How can you specifically help No Limits?

Businesses are well placed to help No Limits by:

  • organising  a team building event e.g. refurbishing a room,
  • encourage employee volunteering with us
  • donating gifts in kind e.g. food, office furniture, prizes, venues
  • nominating No Limits as your charity of the year giving us publicity and greatly needed funds.
  • developing payroll giving e.g. so a proportion of employees pay goes directly to No Limits in a tax efficient manner
  • offering  a secondment e.g. to support an area of need within No Limits
  • By helping support local charities who help those less fortunate than others, we can strengthen the resolve of our local people, as well increasing awareness of local businesses, which in turn serves the community. By working together we can strive to bring back a sense of unity in our communities.

    We are all part of our society, so we have to take responsibility for it.

    Help others and help yourselves.

    Max Willis

    Marketing & Communications Intern

    No Limits, City


    Facebook Generation


    Over 901 million people worldwide use Facebook currently. Of those, an average of 526 million people use Facebook daily. Facebook, as well as Twitter are two of the most common social media platforms which have changed the face of the world. How businesses, individuals and charities operate has been radically affected and influenced by what some term ‘The Facebook Effect’.  When considering the huge amount of users and the ‘virtual communities’ created by the social media channels, No Limits have adapted and increased the mode of online communication. Twitter and Facebook allow content to be shared quickly and easily and encourages user interaction, which websites do not always offer.

    No Limits are committed to providing a useful and readily available advice service for young people in the Hampshire area, so it is vital funding opportunities continue. Social media is now integral in this process. A range of social media platforms are utilised, targeting two specific demographics: young people and individuals/businesses who currently or will potentially donate to the charity.

    Facebook specifically is ideal for posting current and relevant news articles, as well as No Limits’ blogs written by staff members and volunteers – often relating directly to services provided at No Limits. This encourages cohesion between current affairs and services we offer to the young people who use our charity. In today’s UK’s austere climate young people are struggling with common social concerns, such as: unemployment, homelessness and crime. Using social media platforms to highlight factors contributing to young people’s problems may help to dispel common misconceptions about why they face so much adversity in this country and encourage people to support us financially or through volunteering.

    The importance of creating compelling content for our social media users is paramount, so the overall personality of No Limits is consistent, positive, socially and ethically responsible and politically objective.  The aim of social media within the charity is to convert visitors of our multi-channels to No Limits service users, or donators who support the continuation of our vital services through funding.

    Over the last month the amount of visitors No Limits’ Facebook page has reached for example, has been increasing and in the last week alone has gone up by 290.78%. The amount of engaged users – those who actively talk about No Limits beyond the parameters of our pages – has increased by 192.86% in seven days. Twitter has seen an increase in re-tweets, suggesting a surge in interest and approval of No Limits’ brand personality and perception.

    These figures are encouraging and allow content to be target driven, so we can continue to provide engaging information which is talked about via Twitter and Facebook, thus increasing the awareness of the charity.

    The social media arena continues to progress and evolve, signifying the importance of a continuous and stimulating online presence.

    What do you think about Facebook and Twitter? Friend or foe?

    Like it or not social media is here to stay for now so it must be embraced – not ignored, or we face potentially vanishing into the void of social media oblivion, which in online terms is equivalent to extinction!


    Do you have what it takes to change a life?

    Do you want to make a huge difference to someone’s life?

    Do you enjoy going to the cinema, cafés or playing football? If so, why not become an Independent Visitor volunteer and make a huge impact in a young person’s life by building not only rapport, but confidence – you may even enjoy yourself at the same time!

    If you have 4 hours a month to spare, you can be a truly significant and positive influence on a young person, who may lack an adult role model to enjoy life’s simple pleasures with or gain emotional support from.

    Like some young people, Paul 15 has lived most of his life in care and foster housing and has received regular support from various organisations, including No Limits’ Advocacy service. Aside from the essential help he has been provided, Paul would love a mentor, a supporter, a friend -someone he can relate to, talk to and spend time with – independent of an official capacity. Like Paul, other young people require a male IV and currently demand is outstripping supply.

    No Limits will provide necessary training for our Independent Visitor Volunteers (IVs), support and expenses, to enable the successful relationship between young person and IV to continue for at least a year. We ask that you as a volunteer are committed enough, so a sustainable relationship with the young person can be managed. Many individuals in care and foster homes lack the consistency many are fortunate to have and we want to nurture the rapport with the young person, over a minimum period of time. No Limits will assist the process and facilitate the Independent Visitor volunteer, so the needs of the young person can be met.

    Try our statistics quiz on young people and care – it may surprise you (answer at the bottom)

    #1 How Many children are in care at any one time in the UK?

    33,000                    88,000                       44,000           91,000

    #2  What percentage of looked after children were in foster care placements?

    20%                           50%                         73%               49%

    #3   What % of care leavers go onto University?

     45%                           62%                          6%              15%

    #4 In 2010 1 in 10 children had how many different placements? (foster care)

    5                                10                           3                         1

    #5 By the age of 19, how many care leavers are not in education, employed or training?

    1/3                               ½                         80%                       60%

    Imagine the huge difference you could make by spending time with a young person who just needs encouragement, support and your time.  Many youngsters would benefit from spending time with an unbiased adult who can listen to problems, or take a young person to a café for a cup of tea and cake.

    No Limits needs you! You can apply by emailing enquiries@nolimitshelp.org.uk or calling 023 8023 6237 and visiting http://nolimitshelp.org.uk. You do not need youth work experience just a positive attitude, commitment and a wish to be a encouraging and consistent influence on a young person.


    #1 91,000 #2 50% #3 6% #4 5 #5 1/3

    Four ways of investing in No Limits (probably) the best charity in Southampton (and possibly Hampshire)

    Collection_TinAt No Limits we need to raise about £1.2 million per year to ensure that we can continue to offer our excellent services to the young people of Southampton and across Hampshire. Many of these young people are disadvantaged or vulnerable. We all know fundraising is getting tougher. A recent Guardian Article ‘Charity donations and donors decrease, says survey’ commented on the recent survey of more than 3,000 people conducted by the Office for National Statistics. It found that donations to charity fell by 20% during 2011/12. The public gave £1.7bn less to charity this year, with the total amount given to charities by people across the UK falling from £11bn in 2010/11 to £9.3bn during 2011/12.

    We do not want to cut back our services or dip into our reserves. So we need to find other sources of funding.

    Support us by:

    • Organising an event and donate the proceeds to No Limits. We can help you with this. Have fun and raise money!
    • Sending a text to 70070 with the words NLIM01 and the amount that you want to donate. Easy peasy!
    • Donate to No Limits through Everyclick . Any amount is welcome or set up a standing order. Excellent!
    • Buy all of your goods online through Give as You Live. Free money!

    Donors don’t give to institutions. They invest in ideas and people in whom they believe.

    -G.T. Smith

    No Limits:Helping young people help themselves.