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A life changing experience.#nolimitsradbikechallenge


At the end of September No Limits will be supporting four young people take part in the
Rad Vlaanderen Stuttgart Challenge. This team event involves riding 500+ miles from Bruges Belgium) to Stuttgart (Germany) in three days. There is more about this challenge here.
This event will provide a potentially life changing experience to those young people that take part. All of them have already faced adversity and challenging issues that have given them a disadvantaged start in their lives. This exciting venture could make a huge difference to their lives.
There is only thirteen weeks left until the start. We will be inviting eight young service users to take part in the training and preparation and the four that show the most commitment will take part. This is much to do…..sourcing bikes, equipment (helmets, riding clothing, backpacks etc.), accommodation, ferry crossings, passports and, of course, training. By the middle of September the young people will need to be cycling at least 100 miles per week…….
So if you know of anyone that can help with bikes, equipment, sponsorship please let us know or make a donation here.
We will keep you updated about the progress made by the young people…..so come back to this blog or subscribe via e mail.
No Limits: Helping young people to help themselves.