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Lindsey Noble. An introduction to her challenge of a lifetime.

Clipper Round The WorldA couple of days ago we had a visit from Lindsey Noble. Lindsey is currently the principal at Southampton City College.

Lindsey described to us her challenge of a lifetime.


In 5 months from now, in mid August 2013, Lindsey will be taking part in the Clipper 13-14 Round the World Race.  12 Identical 70ft yachts leave the shores of the UK to begin the 40,000 mile circumnavigation. The race will cover 40,000-miles, visit six continents in 15 stopovers during the eleven-month challenge. Lindsey will experience some of the most challenging seas and weather conditions possible.

This major global event has an audience in excess of half a billion people in more than 200 countries.


As part of this challenge Lindsey wants to raise money for two charities. We were very excited to learn that one of these is No Limits. She chose No Limits because they give great holistic support, help and advice to the young people in the Southampton area, particularly those that are vulnerable or disadvantaged. Last year they supported over 5,000 young people with a whole variety of issues.   In her  role as head of  Southampton City College  she saw first hand how essential it was to get  young people back on track when they are in turmoil though  no fault of their own and to provide first class preventative work so young people  do not fall into crime, become involved with substance misuse or become  homeless. There is much more about No Limits at

No Limits will be following Lindsey’s training and progress and will report back via our Blog, Facebook page and Twitter

No Limits will also be setting up a special donation page for those that want to support Lindsey and the work of No Limits. Our current donation page is at


No Limits: Helping young people help themselves.


nolimits_blue_green_960x180.jpgVolunteers are an integral and highly valued part of No Limits. Last year we estimate that 115 volunteers contributed around 12,000 hours of their time, worth about £140,000 to No Limits. Without volunteers many of our projects and services would not exist. The number of volunteers needed by No Limits continues to rise. Currently we have aroundf 150 volunteetrs who help in a variety of ways. Would you like to be one of them? For more about volunteering with No Limits go to
No Limits. Helping young people help themselves.

Shape The Future


If you are out of work, looking for experience or hoping to give back, volunteering your time is fast becoming recognised as a great way to improve not only someone else’s life, but your own.  This mutual relationship between charity and volunteer has numerous benefits for both, enriching understanding of aspects of life which may be unfamiliar and alien.

“Long term volunteering is a form of pro-social behaviour that involves commitment given over an extended period of time”. (Chartered psychologist Ruth Lowry)

Not only are your job prospects advanced by additional much-needed experience, but your social-conscience and awareness of concerns affecting the local or extended community are increased by working for a charity or organisation that really help people improve their lives.

1#volunteering makes you more employable

Volunteers may wish to increase their skill-set, gaining experience within various environments to improve future job prospects. Many companies are influenced by candidates…

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