Paul: From No Limits: Helping vulnerable young people with their housing.

PaulPaul works at No Limits as a Housing Worker. He started off by volunteering for us but almost a year ago became a paid worker. In a typical day Paul will help young people (often those who are very vulnerable) find accommodation but also ensure that they do not lose their tenancies. Most of his work is with the A2T project where No Limits engages with private landlords In Southampton and Eastleigh to provide accommodation for young people. He also supports young offenders to find accommodation after leaving prison or Young Offenders Institutions through our Next Steps project that specifically works with young offenders, care leavers and those who are young carers. He is also part of our Street Safe Team that aims to prevent young people sleeping on the streets of Southampton and respond quickly to those found rough sleeping by providing housing advice, support and access to accommodation. Paul feels that his greatest achievement in his work is when he supports  a young offender by finding them accommodation and because of his support the young person does not reoffend and does not end up going back into prison. That is a great result!

Paul also has a life outside working for No Limits:

Biopic: Paul likes red meat and, if pushed, prefers to listen to Ollie Murs or Robbie Williams. He likes reading mainly non-fiction books about law and psychology. His film of the year is ‘Dark Night Rising’. Hobbies and Sports include boxing, cycling, swimming and going to the gym. In his spare time he helps out at a local youth club…..

No Limits: Helping young people help themselves

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2 thoughts on “Paul: From No Limits: Helping vulnerable young people with their housing.

  1. Annabel Hodgson

    Helping young people get the skills to live independently is so important – it can be really hard to find somewhere to live, and then really hard to keep a tenancy if you’re not aware of all the things you need to do!


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